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    Eric Huang, MD PhD

  • Director of Pediatric Neuropathology
  • Co-director of Pediatric Neuropathology Research Laboratory
  • Eric.Huang2@ucsf.edu

    David Rowitch, MD PhD

  • Co-director of Pediatric Neuropathology Research Laboratory
  • RowitchD@peds.ucsf.edu

    Donna Ferriero, MD

  • Director of Neonatal Brain Disorder Laboratory
  • ferrierod@neuropeds.ucsf.edu

    Hui-Hsin Tsai, PhD

  • Senior Scientist
  • tsaihh@stemcell.ucsf.edu

    Mianzhi Tang, PhD

  • Assistant Research Neuropathologist
  • Mianzhi.Tang@ucsf.edu

    Jeanelle Ariza

  • Assistant Specialist
  • AgudeloJ@stemcell.ucsf.edu

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Mission Statement

A large number of neurological disorders in the pediatric population contribute to the underlying etiology of intellectual and developmental disabilities. Some of these disorders have genetic underpinnings, whereas others are caused by injuries from the environment of the developing brains. Regardless of its nature, however, the neuropathological changes are often complex and require a dedicated facility that will provide further characterizations using morphometric, immunohistochemical, and molecular approaches.

The University of California Pediatric Neuropathology Consortium (UCPNC) is supported by the University of California Multicampus Research Programs and Initiatives and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI). Our goals are:

  1. To establish a high-quality tissue banking system for human brain tissues from a wide range of gestational and postnatal ages
  2. To investigate the molecular and cellular mechanisms of pediatric neurological disorders
  3. To develop new molecular markers to characterize the development of neural stem cells, progenitors and glia during normal development and in disease conditions
  4. To develop and implement cutting edge techniques such as induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells to derive patient-specific models of disease

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