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Welcome To The PNC

Intellectual and developmental disabilities constitute a major health problem in the pediatric population. These disorders, including autism/autism spectrum disorders, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, and mental retardation, lead to enormous psychological and financial burdens to the patient’s family and to our society. Despite our efforts to investigate the underlying causes for these debilitating diseases, we continue to face many significant challenges that limit our ability to discover new insights into disease process leading to advances in treatment. These challenges include: (a) A severe shortage of high-quality, research-grade normal and diseased brain tissue for basic and translational research. Such shortage hinders high-level neuropathological discoveries on pediatric neurodevelopmental diseases. (b) An urgent demand on innovative molecular diagnostic tools that allow optimal integration of basic, translational and clinical neurosciences. (c) An incomplete understanding of the basic molecular, cellular and pathogenic mechanisms underlying pediatric neurodevelopmental diseases. This limits our ability to conceptualize and identify new therapeutic targets.

To answer these challenges, we have established the University of California Pediatric Neuropathology Consortium (UCPNC), which establishes the systems and infrastructure to help transform research and patient care in Pediatric Neurology and Mental Health in California. By combining the strengths of three major UC medical centers, including UCSF, UCLA, and UC Davis, the proposed UCPNC will conduct research that aimed to understand the majority of pediatric neurodevelopmental disorders. At UCPNC, we believe that neuropathology is an essential component in the research enterprise of basic, translational and clinical neuroscience. The research team at UCPNC will provide the unique expertise in basic and translational research, diagnostics and tissue banking systems.

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